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27 Sep

About myself

Hi! I am Ivan Rublev. In this post I'll tell you about myself.

I did many things during my life but one way or another them was connected with IT and software development. I was system administrator, network engineer and programmer.

If you need to know about my current intentions, please scroll to iOS era.


During my student years I worked as system administrator to support the park of 30 Windows and linux machines in small trading company. Successfully integrated the 1C (SAP-like) accounting system in to the workflow with several customizations for client.

I received my master’s degree in radiophysics after graduating from the Rostov State University (now it's renamed to SFEDU) in late 2005. After that I worked at A.B.Kogan Research Institute for Neurocybernetics. I developed several apps to support psychophysiological experiments. Through UI of these apps students could interact with each other over local network in order to solve common tasks. One problem was to make the User Interface as responsive as possible to eliminate lags caused by UI from the experiments results. The problem was successfully solved. The language I used for programming was Delphi, the network exchange was over sockets, and we used graphics tablets as input devices.

After I did several research projects I understood that a scientific career was not for me and I decided to concentrate on practical solutions that help people around me and worldwide. I left for a small local Internet Service Provider called “Intercable”. I was always interested in the structure of networks so I worked there for almost 2 years. I did all kind of work from the crimping of patch-cords and setting wireless antennas to configuring switches. I even selling dedicated ethernet channels to customers! It was completely different experience and fun time!

As an network engineer, my highest achievement was the deployment of a Virtual phone number service in Rostov-on-Don over the existing telephone infrastructure. This included selecting the SIP hardware, deploying a Kamailio software SIP server, development of a custom web portal for managing users written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, developing several additions to Kamailo written in C.

iOS era

In 2012 I understood where I could apply my aspirations in systems design, programming and UX to help people around me. The Apple platform was well developed and the mobile hardware was pretty fast. Thus, I decided to leave my work and become iOS app developer.

I concentrated on the development of apps for productivity and utility. I really think that iPhones and iPads can primarily be used to help people in their work. I've developed several apps for consumer market and put them to AppStore. They become quite successful. You can see list of my apps on main page of the site.

What I do also:

  • I made several common modules from my apps open source, you can find them at my GitHub profile.

  • I like to participate in meetings of a local mobile developers community. I think I'll create several blog recordings on this site after my speeches.

  • I like to use and commit to repository. I am fond of magazine.

  • In my work I prefere to go from concrete project needs. And to study new technologies and all what needed to solve the problem of the client.

Fell free to write me at .