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One day during my September journey to Stockholm I found myself thinking that it was the iPhone 6 release time!

There is old, well known defaults system in both iOS and OS X. It is used to save user preferences between multiple launches of an app. Apple gives the developer an NSUserDefaults class to work with user's defaults. In iOS we can manage the NSUserDefaults only with code, due to a lack of a Cocoa bindings system available only for OS X. In this post I'll talk about the disadvantages of using that class in iOS, and will introduce VRAppSettings superclass as a possible solution. The VRAppSettings successor provides access to user's preferences as properties and automatically serializes itself within a defaults system in a quick and elegant way. Here and below I'll call user preferences for concrete app as app settings.

Ribaba's union of independent iOS developers ended production. I, Ivan Rublev, continue to manage and support all apps that were developed.

27 Sep

About myself

Hi! I am Ivan Rublev. In this post I'll tell you about myself.